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UCST is very much alive to the pedagogy and society - oriented innovations. The college has been established in 2002 with affiliation to HNB Garhwal University Srinagar (A Central University) and Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University meeting all the basics to the pedagogy and innovations which have benefited the society nationally and internationally UCST is the college where the innovations of international standards have been done serving the humanity in the field of medicines and the basics on which the more advanced knowledge on the new medical field can be easily built up for future generation. A few achievements achieved at the campus shall prove our scientific claims and stand(s).

  • In 1994, Dr. S.S.Sawhney- Director, Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology , basing upon thermal data on melanin (a human skin pigment) –a misnomer- has recoined it as MELANOLIPOPROTEIN, and published in Thermochim Acta.
  • In 2012, Dr. S.S.Sawhney -Director, UCST, identified and developed FOUR STRUCTURES with the defined salt forming and – coordination groups to trapembed and fix the metallic radioisotopes- the part of fallout of atomic explosion. The inhaling of metallic radioisotopes and their deposit in the organs fail the body organally. These four structures structurally so stabilise these metallic radioisotopes as to result in their zero dissociation. This concept can be used to protect and save million lives of Indian at the time of atomic attack upon Indian soil. Our neighbours: Pakistan and China are nuclear nations. The data have been published in Chemical Sciences.
  • In 2016, Dr. S.S.Sawhney -Director, UCST, published Homo sapien skin  pigmentary and depigmentary data in Nature Proceedings , taking leucoderma or vitiligo as misnomer and unscientific terms, and recoined Homo sapien skin depigmentary disorder-a no disease itself- and as HES (hepato- epidermal syndrome) to answer the unscientific interpretation of Homo sapien skin depigmentary disorder among black races: Asians, Africans, Arabians, Australians etc, by our earlier scholars: Rishi etc in Atherveda- the Hindu Sacred book.
  • In 2020, Dr. S.S.Sawhney -Director, UCST, cracked the naturally defined Homo sapien skin pigmentary order in humans, identifying eight determinants: vitamin K and relentless sun high intensity UVB being two major, and aetiology of Homo sapien skin depigmentary disorder among humans at tropics and its rehabilitation with plant based extract, and published the data thereon in World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. Human trails are in progress.
  • In 2022, Dr. S.S.Sawhney -Director, UCST, propounded the biochemical theory on Homo sapien skin pigmentary order in humans as defined by nature, rebutting the knowns genetic theory on pigmentary order. According to him, the Homo sapien skin depigmentary disorder (HES) in humans is non- genetic as against its genetic nature known to humanity since the formation of this earth (published in  World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences).
  • In 2023, Dr. S.S.Sawhney -Director, UCST, the same author could conclude on Probiotics of some vitamin K biosynthesizing bacteria of gut microbiome, identified by the author as the best option to rehablitate Homo sapien skin depigmentary disorder among humans at tropics (published in WJPLS).
  • Above all, Dr. S.S.Sawhney - Director, UCST, in 2022, working on new principle (FIRST in the world), has invented and discovered NAPHTHOQUINONE as an universal preventive drug, which has been found quite contrasting to the principle on which the vaccines and their applications are based upon, against SARS-COV-2 S protein and its variants.
  • The naphthoquinone drug and intranasal cream have been standardized at the UCST campus. Human trials are in progress. The documents for patenting naphthoquinone drug have been submitted with Indian Patent Office New Delhi.
  • S.S.Sawhney and his team at the UCST campus have published more than 100 research publication in national and international journals.
  • Kamal Sawhney MD has developed a software for an electric car, he has been working on and developing at UCST campus. Software shall soon be patented.
  • S.S.Sawhney Director , Dr. Kamal Sawhney MD and Ms. Shivani Rana SAO have been honoured nationally and internationally for excellent contributions in education, innovations or administration.
  • Divya Rawat, Dr. Neha Singh , Dr. Savita Goel and Dr. Suman Sagar, HOD of Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry and Biotechnology respectively have 2,3,35 and 1 research publications respectively at their command.


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