Admission Open for 2023-2024
  • Institutes Objectives

The institute, keeping pace and staying the pace with the fast changing science & computer concepts and innovative experience(s).

◊ Strengthens the base(s) or foundation of the students exposing them to the basics of the allied area(s) which help them learn, understand and apply the acquired or gained knowledge practically to achieve the target(s)

◊ Holds discussions, tutorials, seminars, and visits to the scientific organizations to help the students inch towards the objectives or aims of the programme(s) in reference, and stay informed on the advances on science education being made world over.

◊ Discourages building bases on borrowed time and concepts.

Works on the personality development of the students who are encouraged to embrace openness to experiences, conscientiousness, national approach to their causes disregarding over sensitiveness on the relevant issues.

Welcomes documentation and effective use of computer and other allied equipments being applied increasingly in the precision and accuracy of the scientific data.

Favors the quantitative as well as analytical approaches, comparative perspectives.

Focuses on developing personalized thinking and imagination skill which allow the students to form visions.

Grooms or trains or encourages the students to take cost-effective science and its benefits to the doors of the society for bettering the quality of life in India vis-à-vis the world.

Upholds the democratic and human face at the campus.

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