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M.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc.  Chemistry

The college offers a 2 year post graduation program in Chemistry which provides a specialized understanding of the various chemical elements in preparation for various careers. The program is research based, thus allowing the students to explore numerous scientific studies so as to provide vital solutions to science based problems UCST M.Sc.curriculum is uniquely designed to impart the knowledge of the fundamental elements of chemistry from quantum mechanics to organic chemistry. The expert resources of this program guide students through a balanced combination of lectures and laboratories which maintain the most engaging student-teacher ratio. As a way of promoting a practical training experience within our students, the program focuses in practical aspects such as chemical instrumentation and techniques making competent scientists in the industry. The program goes to broaden the student’s academic horizons through industrial visits, workshops, seminars and expert talks, all designed to enhance career competences of our students. The elements of chemistry are existent within everything that surrounds us, thus the program focuses in nurturing the post graduate chemistry students in preparation of the various ways in which they can utilize chemical elements for human development.


To achieve excellence in the field of Chemical Sciences through academic and research programmes and to participate in the interdisciplinary programmes offered in the college


To provide knowledge and skill in Chemical Sciences through post graduate and doctoral programmes.
To undertake research in emerging areas of Chemical Sciences and transform the findings for the benefit of the society.
To establish collaboration with industries and research Institutes to promote joint research projects.
To provide required knowledge in Chemical Sciences for all programs in science and engineering

On successful completion of this Programme, students will have the ability to:

Think critically and analyze chemical problems.

Present scientific and technical information resulting from laboratory experimentation in both written and oral formats.

Work effectively and safely in a laboratory environment.

Use technologies/instrumentation to gather and analyze data.

Work in teams as well as independently.

Apply modern methods of analysis to chemical systems in a laboratory setting.