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M.Sc. Environmental Science

M.Sc. Environmental Science

Master of Science or M.Sc. in Environmental Science is a full-time post graduate programme which is of 2-year duration. The world is facing a situation of environmental crisis with problems such as global climate change, environmental pollution of different matrices, over-population, and agricultural issues related to food contamination with fertilizers and pesticides etc. In contemporary times, relevancy to study about environment has become a pre-requisite. Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary programme and due to increase in the environmental problems such as environmental pollution, degradation of natural resource and biodiversity loss; the scope of the field of Environmental Science has increased exponentially. This programme involves an advanced study of concepts, sciences and activities which are involved in understanding of environment, environmental pollution and conservation of environment.

Environmental science is based on the impact of human actions upon terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and develops ideas and plans for restoring these ecosystems. Environmental scientists also help planners develop and construct buildings and other modules to help benefit water resources and efficient land usage. Environmental research is commonly conducted among many different interdisciplinary sciences to produce one goal. Since most environmental issues deal with human activities, study of economics, law and social sciences are often used in conjunction with environmental science.

Environmental science deals with a wide range of issues including: climate change, conservation, biodiversity, water quality, soil and groundwater contamination, natural resources, waste management, development, disaster reduction, and various pollutions. Growing public awareness of environmental issues and a need for action is one factor in the growth of environmental science to what it is today.

Environmental sciences pertaining to the atmosphere examine the phenomena of the Earth’s gaseous outer layer and the relation it has to other systems. Atmospheric sciences is comprised of meteorological studies, greenhouse gas phenomena, atmospheric dispersion modeling of airborne contaminants, sound propagation phenomena related to noise pollution, and even light pollution.

Other environmental sciences include environmental chemistry, geosciences, environmental geology, environmental soil science, and volcano phenomena. Hydrology and oceanography can sometimes be linked to environmental science. With all environmental sciences, many other disciplines are utilized and are needed in the issues pertaining to our environment.

Course Objectives

  • To make the student understand the basic to advance concepts and phenomenon operating in environment and governing the environment stability.
  • To provide the student an advanced in-depth understanding of environmental pollution, its causes, solutions and treatment related to that.
  • To make students understand the historical and socio-economic dynamics related to the environment and its conservation.
  • To make student capable of assessing the environmental problems of any region and suggest suitable solutions for the same.
  • To make student aware about the relation of environmental changes to human civilization; and development.

Course Outcomes

The M.Sc. (Environmental Science) programme will provide in-depth knowledge of the scientific, technical, social, cultural and economic aspects which are required to understand the environment. The programme includes the advance knowledge related to structure, functioning and improvement of the environment while being in any sector whether industrial, domestic, organizational, or agricultural. It will also boost the creativity of the students in form of various conservation strategies. The post graduate programme will make the students able to understand the environmental conditions of any area with modern scientific and technical tools, suggesting the solutions for the existing problems.

Career Opportunities

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Auditor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Environmentalist
  • Agricultural Scientists
  • Consultant
  • NET/JRF/GATE/GRE for further studies for PhD
  • Biodiversity expert
  • Researcher
  • Environmental Officer
  • Environmental Journalist