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The global societies with the sound background of scientific knowledge have shown a sound connects between the methodical pedagogic approach and the society- oriented research gains. The civilizations have/had survived being talent-centric in approach.
Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology Dehradun (UK) has been conceptualized, evolved and developed on these scientific lines in addition to pedagogic soundness at this campus.

Dr. S. S. Sawhney has his scientific interests since his leaving UNIVERSITY OF ROORKEE (NOW IIT ROORKEE) in 1965. The innovation has been Dr. Sawhney’s lifeline. Dr. S. S. Sawhney laid the scientific foundation at the college campus since its inception and designed the campus infrastructurally, instrumentally, academically etc on these lines to meet out the innovation demands with the objectives of the vertical and horizontal scientific expansion with time.

Dr. Sawhney, Director of the college has supervised 38 theses till to-day, and published 160 research publications in national and international journals. He is a patentee. His name’s inclusion in Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who in Engineering and Science has added to his honour. Dr Sawhney has been honored more than 16 times nationally and internationally with Education Excellence Awards. He is a proponent of few theories such as HES Theory and Theory of De-radioactivity. He has introduced some comparable pH-indicators which find uses in acidimetry and alkalimetry. The Sawhney etc equations have found applications in academics and petroleum industry and as a check on petrol or disease adulteration at petrol pumps in India. Dr. Sawhney’s scientific journey spread over the period of 60 years down the lane since 2017.

At PG level where the students are to underntake Dissertation Project programme- a mandatory exercise to be completed at IV Semester of M. Sc Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Physics, IT and MA Mass communication, the synopses of the students are so designed or constructed with inputs from the state of the art on the area(s) of the research field(s) as to enable the students to explore the area(s) of the subject matter(s), and publish the conclusively defined outcomes in national and international journals. The investments of the efforts put into by the scholars and the students at PG levels have helped the campus to achieve scientifically at the campus which can be seen in the following publications as the signs of scientific progress at the campus.

Sawhney S S, “Introducing the New Concept of De-Radioactivity”, Chem. Sci. J 2016. 7:4 10.4172/2150-3494.1000140.
Note: Also visit Google/Youtube for details.

The Institute has initiated “RESEARCH FELLOW PROGRAMMES” to science postgraduates in any stream of Biosciences/ Sciences/ Medicines/ Computer Science/ Management who have displayed academic excellence at post-graduate levels, and have graduated to research and development programmes after post- graduation.
The awards are given after interviewing the candidates/ applicants by the expert committees for 02 years initially but can be extended for 03 years subject to the individual performance in search area(s) supported by at least 02 research publications in the National/ International journals.
Those who have Ist class/ Ph.D with 02 years teaching experience are eligible for applying for the above positions. Preference is given to the applicants having at least 02 research publications in Nationally and Internationally credited research journals.RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
The institute houses A Research & Development Department which has been running and developing programme(s) having relevance to the interdisciplinary approach working the combined effort of the Chemists, Biotechnologists and Microbiologists and IT experts an

The students of the area’s in reference to meet the challenges of the issues involving human life, Industries and Petroleum Industries a-role-oriented programs essentially required to help students keep pace and

stay pace when the changing needs and demands of life and industries, and elect and select their future courses of life.

◊ Meeting the challenges of skin cancer

producing coordinates by the magnetized Hydrogen peroxide in their matrix and their rehabilitation.

Note: Their acquired conditions in reference are the points of worry & concern for the world, and demand working attention of the scientists and the leading scientists having charmed out of this campus.

Further their conditions have affiliated more then 40-60 million world populations.


◊ Hunting Anti-Aids probable

These working on the area(s) in reference and desiring to collaborate and contribute are cordially invited

The teaching & research programme(s) go side by side at the campus. The concept(s) and thought(s) developed here are applied to the causes of society and Human Race at large. Under Dr. S. S. Sawhney, the director of the institute, the aetiology and the management of hair-fall, psorasis and biomagnification of free radicals in the body, and organ-wise have been well understood, and the line of treatment(s) is followed here. In line with this strategy, the plant-based products have been successfully tried to combat the body abnormalities of HAIR-FALL, PSORASIS, and overproduction of free radicals, beyond the carrying capacities of the different organs, and the body on the whole among the million of the world population. These products are hopes for the million worldover. The students joining at this campus shall be involved to strengthen and widen the scientific and academics base(s) of the students on these line(s) of applications and treatment(s). The whole strategy of conceptualization, incubation and development of formulation(s) are seeded here in R&D Division at this campus.


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